Tuesday, 17 April 2018

~~ ootd #7 i swear i'm an adult ~~

Hi everyone, and welcome to my cribbbbbb. 
By crib, I mean blog. and I mean welcome to this incoherent blog post written by yours truly (me, the girl in all of these shameless photos).

Now, you can't tell thanks to my incredible instagram skills that I use to make it look like I have a life, but this might be the first time I've gotten dressed in over a week. 

If anyone asks, it's not because I'm a hermit, I swear, I'm revising for my exams, I SWEAR, don't check me on this.


Either way, I'm out here strutting my stuff in my kitchen to show you what I've been wearing in an effort to give off that cool adult chic today.

Cool adult chic on a crippling student budget anyway.

Since pretty much this entire piece is from Primark....

SCRUNCHIE = PRIMARK £1.50 (in a 3 pack)


CAMEL COAT = PRIMARK £20 (probably the exact same one you see on Kim K, I've knocked into her down in Meadowhall primarni yano)


BAG = PRIMARK £12 (not including the price of the safety pin I nicked off my housemate to keep it together since it broke ages ago, but I'm an innovative gal you see)

and you can't see them because I am a horrendous fashion blogger since I have no mates to take shameless pics of me but I'm wearing some wicked suede heeled booties... NOT from Primark for once!!  

Thanks for checking out my page, leave me a comment below with what you thought, do I look like a proper adult? or a child pretending to be one?

Will we ever know?
Find out next time...

Lizzie x 

Saturday, 7 April 2018

~~ tabby teas cat cafe sheffield ~~

hi guys!! 
long time no see. thought i'd share a new post about one of my fave spots in sheffield since i went back again today, and that's tabby teas!! 

nestled in cemetary road, tabby teas is sheffield's first cat cafe, home to twelve permanent kitty-kat residents. 

the cafe has a lovely relaxed feel to it, and i can't see why anyone wouldn't want to spend their afternoon with some purry pals and a good coffee!

if you have a spare afternoon in the area... why not spend it with these little loves?

(i feel you kitty, zzz......)

lizzie x 

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

new years day ~ a look

Hello again beautiful blog followers !!
This post is something I've not done in YONKS because I've been too conscious that my personal style is poo and no one would be interested but in the interest of my new mantra 'feel the fear and do it anyway' here is the outfit I wore for a meal on new years day 2018. 

top, jumper and culottes are all primark, jewellery is from maude's (boston) and argento (doncaster) and the shoes are classic vans. 
the nail varnish is barry m's molten metals collection in shade 'copper mine'. 

lizzie x 

Monday, 1 January 2018


Hey everyone, it's me, your girl, back with a few 2018 resolutions. 


Yeah, you've heard this one on every damn blog out there. In 2017, i conquered looking after my head, I learnt to say 'no' to work, friends, and pressure where I needed to be alone. I pushed past some MAJOR mental barriers in my life like being able to talk to new people way more easily and getting over my lifelong phobia of escalators, but this year it's different. 2018 is the year of the body. I might look after my mind but I treat my body like SHIT. I eat CRAP 24/7. Not even exaggerating I have chocolate for breakfast at least 3 days a week. This year I'm focussing on keeping my health in check. 
Not only that, but I want to make sure I'm taking good care of my skin, my hair and not just throwing on the same unflattering outfit 7 days a week. I want to love myself!! 


Okay so I do an English degree but man I just never read. I do an English Language degree that doesn't require any proper book reading like a literature degree does so this means I totally neglect reading. I'm super lucky to have been gifted 8 books for Christmas this year so uhh, no excuses I guess!


Last year I was lucky enough to finish first year at UOB studying English Language and Literature and achieve 67% (a 2:1). I've since moved over to a straight English Language degree so there's some aspect of 'catching up' with those who've done this from the start, but I'm trying my best so far and I'd reaaaally like to bump my 67 up to a 70 this year!! Best get my head down. 


Okay, so even right now my anxiety is telling me not to write this blog post, not to publish it, and sure as hell not to share it. I've struggled with this for a really long time, writing posts to nobody and cowering away from things I really want to do out of pure WORRY. 

~~ Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway ~~

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

'What Do You Have to be Stressed About?'

Ah yes, a question I get a lot.
A question anyone with anxiety DREADS to hear. Your breath is short and fast, your heart beating like crazy, you decide you need to get out of the situation when someone asks 'why?'.

It seems a simple question to anyone who doesn't live everyday with anxiety creeping over their shoulder. To someone who doesn't consistently feel self-conscious, to someone who doesn't think they're going to puke every time your seminar leader says they're going to pick on someone for an answer.

Rationally, you're right, what do I have to be stressed about? I have a roof over my head, electricity, food, clean water. But rational is not a word to describe the anxious mind. On top of the racing thoughts and the lack of sleep, the last thing I need to hear is 'I don't see what you have to be stressed about'.

So dear all the lucky lucky people who live their lives without being dragged down by these thoughts, please stop and think before you belittle someone's problems. You are not making it better, you are making it worse.

** If you feel you are struggling with anxiety or stress please talk to someone you trust, a mental health charity (e.g. Mind) or your GP. Don't go it alone. **

Saturday, 7 October 2017

What Seeing Your Idol is Like

Hi Everyone!

So last weekend I had the pleasure of seeing my absolute idol cant-stop-listening-to-her-know-all-the-words-and-her-birthday-and-middle-name; Lorde. 

So the night didn't get off to the best start, late out of work, taking ages to decide on an outfit and constantly re-doing my purple lipstick (because what other colour is appropriate for a Lorde concert?) I didn't get there as early as imagined. And I stupidly forgot I had O2 priority so I queued for an hour in a queue I didn't even need to be in. But STILL by some sort of strange miracle I managed to be in the 3rd row. Albeit, with my view substantially blocked by the tallest guy in the world and the girl who just kept moving exactly into my way. 

For anyone that doesn't see me on the reg wearing my Lorde top or see my 10 tweets a day about her, probably don't realise how much this night meant to me. From the second she stepped on stage I was completely overwhelmed. Melodrama is the only album that has ever made me feel every emotion under the sun, that makes me want to get up and dance while making me want to burst into tears. Melodrama is the soundtrack of my inner thoughts and I sure as hell made that obvious that night. I danced like no one was watching (they definitely were), I screamed as best I could considering I had lost my voice a day before, and I definitely cried my eyes out at least once (cough - Liability - cough). 

An incredible night that I will never forget. 
Once the encore is over, and the lights get turned back on, and everyone can see your smudged mascara and flaking lipstick, the dream is over. Until the next album.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

5 days in Amsterdam

Hello everyone!

So I recently went to Amsterdam for 5 days and it was probably one of the best trips I've ever been on - so I thought I'd share some of the top things I did while I was there.

While you're by Centraal Station, check out the Sexmuseum, which is only €5 for entry and is full of giggles while you're also learning a lot about the history of sex, and the red light district in Amsterdam. 

We went on a canal cruise, which was including in our iAmsterdam card (which I really recommend you get). We went in the evening so it got dark while we were cruising, which was really beautiful to see. A really relaxing ride. 

One of the best things to do in Amsterdam is to visit the Heineken experience, you get 2 free half pints included in the price (which was included in our card) and their 'brew you' ride is hilarious fun. 

Over in Dam Square is the tourist attracting Madam Tussaud's, which was abut €20 with a discount, which I thought was actually a bit pricey considering it took only about 45 minutes to wander around and take photos with every wax figure. Next to this in Dam Square is the Amsterdam Dungeons - somewhere I didn't venture (I'm a scaredy cat) but has great reviews. 

A good way to spend a few hours on a nice day is the Amsterdam Zoo, which is an underground ride away from the city centre but travel and entry were included in our card. We love zoos so this was the perfect afternoon for us and had some nice little cafes as you wander around.

Another underground ride away but totally worth it if you're a football lover is a tour of Amsterdam Arena - home of Ajax. I can't really comment as it all went over my head but my boyfriend loved it.

On the other side of the water to Centraal, is the impressive looking A'DAM Lookout tower, which offers a fantastic view of the city. The more daring can also go on a swing and swing over the edge - but I sure didn't. 

The best thing to do in Amsterdam is to visit the Anne Frank House, one of the highest rated attractions - for a reason. The house is hauntingly incredible, it touches your heart and brings you to tears. The queues to get in are also incredible - but if you visit late in the evening you're guaranteed a smaller line. 

The final attraction I'll be talking about is the The Fault in Our Stars bench. Something that is only really meaningful for those of us who are Nerdfighters or felt personally touched by John Green or TFIOS. It's not for everyone, and it really is just a bench, but it is nice to see. 

Have you ever been to Amsterdam? What are your top tips?